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Custom Orthotics

Custom molded orthotics can make a huge difference in the pain you are experiencing. One does not have to have foot pain for biomechanical problems to exist. For example, if one arch is lower than the other, asymmetry is created. The arch drops low on one side, the knee on that side rotates internally, and the pelvis will become imbalanced and drop down, which results in the body leaning to one side. The muscles and tendons of the entire system have to work harder due to this imbalance causing pain in the knees, hips and back. Custom molded orthotics can stabilize the way you stand and help eliminate unwanted pain.

Chiropractic & Orthotics Work Together

Studies have shown that the use of chiropractic care with stabilizing orthotics makes a quantifiable improvement in function and pain. Combining Foot Leveler orthotics with a chiropractic regimen has been shown to reduce low back pain by 40.4% over six weeks. These imbalances may be caused by pronated or “flat” feet or changes related to arthritis, bunions, and other issues.

Once any asymmetries in the stance have been assessed and one of the doctors has explained how this affects your body, your custom molded orthotics will be prescribed and ordered. Orthotics, in addition to chiropractic therapy, will restore balance to your entire body.

Your body will be properly aligned, with symmetrical feet, knees at equal alignment, pelvis straight, and shoulders appropriately parallel. This will dramatically increase the effectiveness of your treatment.

Ask us if custom orthotics are an option for you!

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