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Our goal is to correct the underlying cause of your problem.  In addition to correcting the spinal misalignments and allowing your body to resume its normal function, we also offer other services to meet the various needs of our patients.

Woman having chiropractic massage

"Not only did Dr. Tom help make my back 100% better, my hip and neck have been corrected."

- Jana C.

Chiropractic care treats more than just pain, we treat the cause of many different types of common conditions such as headaches, sinus/allergy problems, fatigue, stress, digestive problems and many other common conditions.

Health care for the whole family

Have a successful rehabilitation

Find relief from pain with professional chiropractic help

Gentle Family Chiropractic Care

Licensed Massage Therapist

Rehabilitative Therapy and Exercises

Decompression for Lumbar Disc Conditions

Custom Molded Orthotics

Nutritional Counseling

Pharmaceutical Quality Supplements

Taping for musculoskeletal injuries

Healthcare Workshops

Detoxification  Cleanses

Functional Medicine Testing for

  • Stress & Adrenals

  • Allergies

  • Hormones

  • Food Sensitivities and Diet Plans


Taking the time to make sure we know what is going on is an important part of treating our patients no matter what their age. Whether they are one day old or one hundred years old, chiropractic care benefits everyone.